So you made a mistake and got pulled over.  Now you are faced with a DWI charge.  It is important to get the best advice possible as quickly as possible.

Here are some issues to consider

  • A DUI is a permanent conviction
  • If convicted of a DUI you may be restricted from entry in Canada
  • You might lose your job if convicted of a DUI
  • You will lose your license if convicted of DUI
  • You will have to get an ignition interlock device if convicted of a DUI
  • You will have to get high-risk insurance (SR-22) insurance
  • You will have to go to jail if convicted of a DUI
  • You need to know what is going to happen to you if convicted of a DUI
  • The penalties are more severe for second DUI offenses and above


To get an evaluation of your situation you need to talk to an experienced lawyer, Jeff Jared.

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