Getting a divorce is deeply troubling and painful, no matter the reason.   Male or female, you need a compassionate and yet aggressive advocate on your side.  We have over 20 years experience assisting with family law matters.

We not only assist with the legal elements of your situation, we can also connect you with trusted resources in the community to help you get back on your feet emotionally and financially.  We have found that this is as important as resolving the legal issues.  We care about our clients like they are family.


  • You need to file the petition for divorce
  • You need to respond to a petition for divorce
  • You need a protection order
  • You need a temporary order for spousal support or child support
  • You need to modify an existing child support order
  • You need to establish a visitation schedule
  • You need assistant with a mediation
  • You need to know the family support services in our area. (King and Snohomish County)

You can access initiating documents here.


To get an evaluation of your situation you need to talk to an experienced lawyer, Jeff Jared.

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