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Have You Charged With A Crime?

If you have been charged with a crime, it can be a scary situation. To protect yourself, it is important that you know your rights and have an aggressive experienced defense attorney on your side.

No matter whether you have gotten a DUI/DWI or have been charged with some other crime, you don’t want to navigate the legal process alone. When your freedom is at stake you don’t want to take a chance.

Work with a compassionate criminal defense attorney to get the best possible outcome for your case. Attorney Jeff Jared is ready to fight for you.

Are you currently facing criminal charges?

Has a loved one been arrested for an alleged crime?

Do you think you are the center of an investigation?

Good people deserve aggressive defense. No matter what your case may be, we are here to support you every step of the way.

We help people who have been charged with DWI, theft, assault, and much more. Jeff Jared will ensure that your rights are being defended and your defense strategy is being prepared to the fullest extent.

Find out how we are helping people in Snohomish and King counties find relief and justice.

Get a criminal defense strategy specific to your charges, needs, and budget.

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We are passionate about helping people find relief from their criminal charges and move on with their lives. With a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side, you can get the best case from what could have been a worst case scenario. Don’t panic – get proactive. Contact us to discuss your case today.


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