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Need child support? Got a foreclosure notice? Going through a divorce? At the Law Office of Jeff Jared, we are committed to helping our clients know their rights and protect what matters most – their families and their homes.

Protect What Matters Most

At the Law Office of Jeff Jared, your goal is our goal.

We understand that the stress of going through a divorce, facing foreclosure, or facing any legal proceeding can be great. That’s why we bring a caring and understanding approach to all of our cases while fiercely advocating for justice.

We’ll inform you of your rights and your options, and let you know what you expect throughout the process. From relatively simple to complex and challenging cases, we’ve done it all.

You can be sure that Jeff Jared will work to get the best result possible for you.

Don’t Fight Your Legal Battles Alone

By knowing your rights and your options, you are better prepared for facing any legal issue head-on and getting the outcome you deserve. You need an attorney that understands your goals and can represent you even in the most complicated of cases. Messy divorce? Fighting with the banks? We’ve got you.

Did you get a foreclosure notice?

Need child support?

Are you leaving a marriage?

Got pulled over?

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If you are facing a legal issue you deserve trustworthy, experienced, and affordable support. Work with attorney Jeff Jared to learn your rights and fight for your case every step of the way. We’ll discuss your options and determine the right pay structure for you. Contact us for a worry-free consultation today.

The Law Office of Jeff E. Jared

You need a team that’s going to fight for YOU. At the Law Office of Jeff Jared, we are dedicated to finding justice for all of our clients. Even in the trickiest of cases, we make sure our clients know their rights from the very beginning and get the support they deserve.

Our aim is to win your case at the lowest possible cost to you – and fast – so that you can move on with your life.

Jeff Jared

Jeff is an experienced attorney of 25 years practicing law from his office in Kirkland, Washington. He is committed to getting the best possible outcome for your case and fiercely advocating for you every step of the way.

Michelle Darnell

A Washington resident for over 30 years, Michelle is passionate about empowering homeowners in their effort to protect their wealth and property. She has supported clients as they struggle to recover from the housing crisis.

What Our Clients Have to Say

At the Law Office of Jeff Jared, we have a proven track record of getting amazing results for our clients. We believe strongly in mediation in order to resolve complicated issues, with a strategy designed to win your case. We let our clients speak for themselves.

This was the first time I’ve EVER been in trouble with the law and was just sick over my getting a DWI.

Mr Jared not only walked me through every step of the process, but he was kind, sympathetic and professional. He let me know that I made a mistake and didn’t judge me… Mr. Jared was able to lead me to a much lesser charge enabling me to move forward with my life and put this all behind me.

I know everyone’s circumstances are different but he was a blessing! Helen

I am extremely happy with the results that I received!
Michele and Jeff got me into mediation with my bank, and are representing me in mediation. Michele really holds the mediator and the bank accountable. They are by far the best law office I have ever worked with. I went thru mediation before and this time around I am not stressed out because I know that Michele and Jeff have my best interest in mind and are willing to fight for me! Love them both!

As of now, they have been able to get me a TPP (Temporary Payment Plan) that will lead to a modification. I am so happy that I get to keep my house!! Jessica


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With over 25 years of experience in the field of law, Jeff Jared has served his clients in a wide range of cases – from foreclosure defense to criminal and DWI. He’s passionate about helping homeowners and families protect their livelihood and the things that matter most. If you’re facing a legal issue and want to know what your options are, contact us today.


No one should be allowed to take away your home. Learn your options for preventing foreclosure today.

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Family Law

From leaving a marriage to collecting child support, we help families navigate tricky situations and find the best solution possible.

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If you are being charged with a crime or DWI, you deserve to know your rights. Let us help.

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