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This was the first time I’ve EVER been in trouble with the law and was just sick over my getting a DWI.

Mr Jared not only walked me through every step of the process, but he was kind, sympathetic and professional. He let me know that I made a mistake and didn’t judge me… Mr. Jared was able to lead me to a much lesser charge enabling me to move forward with my life and put this all behind me.

I know everyone’s circumstances are different but he was a blessing!


I am extremely happy with the results that I received! 
Michele and Jeff got me into mediation with my bank, and are representing me in mediation. Michele really holds the mediator and the bank accountable. They are by far the best law office I have ever worked with. I went thru mediation before and this time around I am not stressed out because I know that Michele and Jeff have my best interest in mind and are willing to fight for me! Love them both!

As of now, they have been able to get me a TPP (Temporary Payment Plan) that will lead to a modification. I am so happy that I get to keep my house!!