Do You Have a Problem?

  • You Need Child Support?
  • You Are Leaving a Marriage?
  • You Got Pulled Over?
  • You Got a Foreclosure Notice?

What Do You Do?

Realizing that the stress and trauma of going through any legal proceedings can be great, Jeff brings a caring and understanding approach to his clients, while fiercely advocating for them. The cases we deal with range from relatively simple to very complex and challenging.

You can be sure that Jeff Jared will work to get the best result possible.

Your Goal is Our Goal

Our aim is to win your case at the lowest possible cost to you in a timely manner so that you can move on with your life. We believe strongly in mediation to resolve differences with a strategy designed to win your case.


To get an evaluation of your situation you need to talk to an experienced lawyer, Jeff Jared.

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